Congratulations to our PhD Graduates

We would like to extend our congratulations to our latest PhD graduates who have successfully passed their doctoral dissertations and vivas.

We wish them success in their future careers and thank them for the contribution they have made to the faculty and University.

Congratulations to:

Graduate Supervisor Thesis Title
Monika Raina Professor AG Davies Development of an impedimetric biosensor using a non-antibody based biological recognition molecule
Roland Kabange Mrs BE Evans Low-cost sanitation in Peri-Urban Ghana
Elinor Castle Dr RF Cochrane Undercooling-mediated growth transitions in rapidly solidified Cu-Ni alloys
Nahla AlHazmi Dr KJ Hughes Thermal conductivity of proton exchange membrane fuel cell components
Chindo Nwankwo Dr LA Fletcher Using compost to reduce oil contamination in soils
Ian Flatters Dr RJ Holt Posture and visuomotor performance in children: The development of a novel measurement system
Umberto Armani Dr OM Querin Development of a hybrid genetic programming technique for computationally expensive optimisation problems
Priten Khagram Dr R Crook Solution synthesis of metal oxide nanocrystals with target applications in solar energy conversion
Lukui Jin Professor IC Hunter Waveguide-based antenna arrays in multi-chip module technology
Ian Hales Dr KC Ng Ground plane rectification from crowd motion
Faeiza Buyong Professor PT Williams Pyrolysis of Malaysian municipal solid waste and upgrading of product pyrolysis oils
Tommaso D'Odorico   An ontological analysis of vague motion verbs, with an application to event recognition
Jonathan Cooper   Simulation of surface acoustic wave modulation of quantum cascade lasers
Alexis Lefevre Dr B Henson The influence of ageing and object properties on prehension
Shemaiah Weekes Professor AS Tomlin Small-scale wind energy: Methods for wind resource assessment with distinction in MSc (Low Carbon Technologies)
Ismael Solis Moreno Professor J Xu Characterizing and exploiting heterogeneity for enhancing energy-efficiency of cloud datacenters