Continuing success for Leeds robotics

Dr David Keeling and Mr Justin Gallagher of the University of Leeds continued Leeds’ unrivaled success at the 2014 Engineering Impact Awards competition in Austin, Texas.

Their entry in collaboration with Yorkshire-based company James Fisher Nuclear beat off first-class entries from around the world to become a finalist in the Machine Control Category - Controlling a Robotic Manipulator for Nuclear Decommissioning.

Visiting lecturer Dr Keeling and current PhD student Mr Justin Gallagher worked with James Fisher Nuclear to develop a modular robotic arm for remote handling tasks in nuclear decommissioning applications, which represent some of the most hazardous environments on the planet. Their company, Key Engineering Solutions Ltd was formed 4 years ago and specialises in delivering complete solutions for test systems and product development.

"Long-standing collaboration between NI and the University of Leeds has allowed us to see, first hand, how the University is setting the standard for hands-on, experiential learning." said Robert Morton, Vice President, NI Europe. 

"The success of Leeds alumni in industry, reflected in this recognition at the global Engineering Impact Awards, not only validates this practical approach to education, but also highlights the University of Leeds as a world-leading hotbed of engineering talent."