Chancellor unveils £235m for new materials science institute

Leeds is to contribute to a new £235m science research centre, as announced in the government’s Autumn Statement – part of a new package of measures to boost science in the UK.

The new Institute, supported by industrial partners, will have its £235m research centre based in Manchester.  The centre will be supported by satellites or ‘spokes’ at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool, Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial College London. 

The Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials Research and Innovation will investigate developments across a wide range of disciplines including nanotechnology, engineering and chemistry.  

Allowing the UK to grow its world-leading research base in advanced-materials science, the investment has been called fundamental to all industrial sectors and the national economy. 

Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research at the University of Leeds, Professor David Hogg, said: 

“We are pleased to be a partner in this major National initiative. At the University of Leeds, we will be creating a highly innovative fabrication facility to support our world-class research on advanced functional materials. Working with industry, this will accelerate the development and adoption of innovative new materials in many sectors.”  

Professor Colin Bailey, Vice-President and Dean of the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, said: “The UK has a world-leading research base in advanced materials, which is essential to the long-term wellbeing and growth of all industrial sectors. 

“The new Institute, supported by our industrial and academic partners, will provide the opportunity for the UK to stay ahead in this vital area of research and innovation to ensure growth in the national economy, as well as addressing the many global challenges facing society.” 

The funding formed part of the government’s annual £1.1 billion investment in science capital between 2015-16 and 2020-21, as announced in last year’s Autumn Statement. 

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