Larisa adriana darolti is studying Natural Sciences at Leeds

Larisa-Adriana Darolti

Larisa-Adriana Darolti is studying Mathematics, Environmental Science and Chemistry in her Natural Sciences programme. She chose to study at the University of Leeds because of the flexibility of the course, the high employability rate and the opportunity for her to undertake a placement year in industry

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The best aspect of the course is the individual support you get from academics. They are dedicated people who love what they do and are always happy to give advice.

Living in Leeds

Larisa enjoys living in Leeds. She adds, “As one of the largest cities in the UK, there are a lot of career opportunities available. Leeds also offers an amazing student life, with pubs, parks, shops and museums. I enjoy living in such a diverse city!”

Natural Sciences gives you the opportunity to work in a wide range of sciences

The Future

Larisa would like to do academic research in Applied Mathematic but because of the interdisciplinary approach of the Natural Sciences, it will “prepare you for a wide range of careers and also gives you the opportunity to work and build a career in a wide range of sciences”.

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