Dr Joshua Owen

Dr Joshua Owen


Dr Joshua Owen is a Research Fellow in the Institute of Functional Surfaces, School of Mechanical Engineering, with multidisciplinary research interests encompassing corrosion science, electrochemical sensing and nanotechnology. He has a breadth of expertise in the application of electrochemical and mathematical techniques to understand and model corrosion and erosion-corrosion phenomena, specialising in the design of bespoke flow systems to understand these processes. He has a diverse background of postdoctoral research, having previously developed a microfluidic, monolayer on-chip electrochemical biosensor for nanomaterial toxicity screening. His current research focuses on the augmentation of protective corrosion products in geothermal applications.

Research interests

Dr Owen’s research interests include: 

  • Corrosion in geothermal systems – investigating the augmentation of protective corrosion products that form on carbon steel in high temperature, high pressure CO2 environments
  • Corrosion modelling – implementation of computational fluid dynamics to simulate corrosive species transport and predict corrosion rates of carbon steel in complex hydrodynamic CO2 environments
  • Electrochemical flow cell design – design of bespoke flow systems for electrochemical analysis of various corrosion phenomena, including corrosion inhibition 
  • Electrochemical sensing – design of microfluidic flow cells for electrochemical biosensing of nanomaterial toxicity
  • Erosion-corrosion – experimental studies of enhanced carbon steel degradation rates caused by the presence of sand particles in corrosive flow
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  • PhD in Mechanical Engineering, University of Leeds
  • MEng Automotive Engineering, University of Leeds

Professional memberships

  • Institute of Corrosion

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Functional Surfaces
  • Corrosion and flow assurance