Prof Neil W. Bressloff

Prof Neil W. Bressloff


  • Head of School

Research interests

With an early career background[i] in computational fluid dynamics, CFD, a parallel CFD code was written for algorithm development[ii] during the early days of the Computational Engineering and Design Research Group at the University of Southampton. As Deputy Director of the Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems University Technology Partnership for Design from 2002, focus shifted increasingly to aerodynamic design[iii],[iv]. However, simultaneously, a sequence of preliminary contacts and meetings with clinicians at University Hospital Southampton, led to the realisation that the systematic design methods being developed at Southampton in the aerospace sector, could be equally applied to (a) exploration of the effect of geometry/anatomy variation on haemodynamics in cardiovascular pathophysiology[v],[vi] and (b) biomedical implant design[vii]. In 2008, Arterius Ltd funded the development of a bioresorbable coronary scaffold for the treatment of coronary artery disease[viii]. Now, Arterius Ltd, based in Leeds, is the only UK based device company developing such a device, designed by NWB using methods originally developed in the aerospace sector[ix]. Patient recruitment is underway for the first in man clinical trial of the Arterius ArterioSorbTM coronary scaffold.  The same methods are also being applied to the design of novel replacement heart valves[x] using computational/digital design methods. Specifically, the novelty in design derives from combined demands to screen solutions to performance requirements – for example, in heart valve replacement – with the opportunities in designing for manufacture[xi] and in response to the changing cardiovascular landscape. Research funding has been won from both industry and UKRI totalling over £1.5m in the last five years. In the next five years, novel design solutions will be sought for the treatment of several cardiovascular diseases, working closely with industry and clinicians.


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  • PhD University of Cranfield, Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Imperial College, Advanced Mechanical Engineering
  • PGCE University of Leeds, Mathematics and PE
  • BA Hons St. John’s College, University of Oxford, Engineering Sciences and Economics

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