Conor Farrell-John


I studied Mechanical Engineering, MEng at Lancaster University (2019-2023) and I am now working towards a PhD in Advanced Manufacturing with Professor Robert Kay. My research investigates a novel manufacturing process for production of advanced multi-material and functionally graded ceramic materials. We are developing a multi-material hybrid-additive process, combining material pastes extrusion with accelerated drying and green machining to improve the process efficiency and product quality. The process also integrates multiple forms of in-situ monitoring, to improve the intelligence of the system, with plans and work to integrate silver paste extrusion to produce multi-material co-fired low-thermal co-fired ceramics. I have worked on the platform, software, materials, and applications. My goal is to create a novel, hybrid manufacturing process that can be applied to a range of ceramic & secondary materials, opening new possibilities for functional ceramic designs and applications.

Research interests

  • Ceramic Materials and Processing Methods
  • Multi-material and Functionally Graded Ceramics
  • Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics
  • Additive Manufacturing – Material Extrusion
  • Functional Applications of Ceramic Materials 


  • Mechanical Engineering, MEng, Lancaster University, 2023