Dan Davie

Dan Davie


I studied Mechanical Engineering, MEng at the University of Leeds (2017-2021) and chose to continue my studies with a PhD in Advanced Manufacturing with Professor Robert Kay. My research investigates a hybrid, digital manufacturing process, combining additive and subtractive methods, applied to advanced ceramic materials. I strive towards a holistic research approach, developing all major elements of the hybrid process, including hardware, control software, materials, and applications.The project is industy funded and we work closely with an industrial partner, having assisted with the design and assembly of a bespoke manufacturing platform, in exchange for ongoing guidance and mentorship.

Research interests

  • Additive Manufacturing – Material Extrusion
  • Subtractive Manufacturing – Green Machining 
  • Ceramic Materials and Processing Methods
  • Applications of Advanced Ceramics


  • Mechanical Engineering, MEng, University of Leeds, 2021