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A portrait of Lisa Dionne Morris

A trailblazing academic, who is one of only 61 Black Women Professors in the UK, has launched a global network aimed at supporting and upskilling other Black female academics.

A drop of molten chocolate ready to be inspected under a microscope

Scientists have decoded the physical process that takes place in the mouth when chocolate is eaten, as it changes from a solid into a smooth emulsion that many people find totally irresistible.

A line drawing and photo of a mini-robot featuring 4 wheel legs, a micro motor, a circuit board and range sensors.

A research team led by Professor Cohen, in collaboration with Professor Richardson, has developed the first mini robot that can independently inspect underground pipes for damage and leaks.

Headshot of Professor Morris looking to camera wearing a v-necked white t-shirt

Acclaimed academic Professor Lisa-Dionne Morris is celebrating success after joining the 100 Black Women Professors Now! programme..

Grant Shapps, the Business Secretary, touring a lab at the Henry Royce Institute looking at equipment with two lab assistants.

The Government has announced a £95 million boost to develop the new materials of the future through research at the Henry Royce Institute, a consortium of nine institutions including Leeds.