Macro and Micro Views on the Flow Past a Rigid Body, Maryna Dubatovskaya

Maryna Dubatovskaya & Sergei Rogosin, Belarus State University. Part of the analysis and applications seminar series.

The report will consist of two parts. The main aim of the lecture is to describe a new method on two-dimensional flow past a rigid body. The method is a combination of the asymptotic approach and the conformal mapping method.

Part I (reported by Dr. Maryna Dubatovskaya). In the first part of the lecture, the problem is formulated and the main idea is described. In order to better understanding the details of the methods, few notions of the hydrodynamics are discussed.

Part II (reported by Prof. Sergei Rogosin). The complete presentation of the research is given. We consider a tin rigid obstacle dividing formally in two parts. One part is realized as a piece of the bounded crack, another part is stretched by small parameter and can be understood as a piece of infinite layer with rounded tip. Corresponding complex potentials are constructed by using the method of conformal mappings. Combined potential is found. The description of the flow is illustrated by numerical calculations in MATHEMATICA.

Maryna Dubatovskaya & Sergei Rogosin, Belarus State University