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Whether you’re looking to begin an academic career or want to develop your skills and expertise for a career in industry, studying for a PhD will be a journey that will stimulate your passion for your subject and push you to reach your potential. 

The structure of a typical PhD, usually takes between 3 years full-time or 5 years part-time, during which you’ll be generating new knowledge and considering that new information in relation to existing information. You’ll need to be dedicated and passionate about your area of study. But it’ll be well worth it. Being a doctoral student is challenging, but incredibly rewarding. 

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Why do a research degree at Leeds?

Study in an active research environment: Researchers in the School of Computing have a track record of delivering high-quality research to solve real-world problems. Our research ranges from fundamental advances in algorithms and our understanding of computation, through to highly applied research into new display technologies for clinical diagnosis, energy-efficient data centres, and profound insight into data through visualisation. To find out more, browse a selection of our current and past research projects.

A strong network of support: The Leeds Doctoral College connects our whole researcher community and put you in touch with the services, guidance and opportunities you need. Not only that, you’ll benefit from a strong support network to guide you through your research degree.

Professional skills development: We think of the whole picture at Leeds. That’s why we offer a range of workshops and courses that'll enhance your skillset further and transfer into your professional career. 

Close industry links: You’ll benefit from our close working relationships with a large number of key companies and academic institutions in the UK and overseas. You’ll have the opportunity to attend industry talks, seminars and conferences where you’ll meet and network with colleagues from industry and academia. We are partners with the Alan Turing Institute, the UK's premier research centre for data science and artificial intelligence. Our graduates have secured positions with organisations including, among others: JPMorgan Chase & Co, HSBC, Procter & Gamble and IBM.

Global community: You’ll join a friendly, supportive and diverse community of students and researchers who come from all over the world and have access to wellbeing and support services throughout your degree.

State-of-the-art facilities: Throughout your time at Leeds, you’ll have access to excellent teaching facilities that will equip you with hands-on experience and give you a solid understanding of how to use industry-recognised equipment. Take a virtual tour.

Applying for a research degree

Whether you're applying to a project or proposing your own, follow this step-by-step guide to completing your application.

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Find out our research degree fees. If you are a former student of the University of Leeds you may be eligible for a 10% alumni tuition fee bursary.

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Find out about the academic and English language requirements in the School of Computing.

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My PhD experience

Andres leads a team of researchers, guiding and coaching three researchers working on PhDs, and six MSc students. He enjoys supporting and inspiring others to generate research impact that could make a positive difference in society.

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"My supervisor is... always full of energy and willing to give pertinent guidance to students, and gives lots of advice on my research topic."

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"I learned to be self-dependent. I improved my skills in research and in communication with others. I believe that with knowledge you can achieve what you want."

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