Yuyan Huang


Yuyan is a PhD candidate focusing on alkali-activated construction materials in the School of Civil Engineering, and sponsored by CSC-Leeds Scholarship, who is under of supervision her main supervisor Prof Susan Bernal (Director of the Materials and Structures Group) and co-supervisor Dr Sam Adu-Amankwah. She is a member of the MUSE (Multi-scale engineering of alkali-activated concretes for sustainable infrastructure) project team led by Prof Susan Bernal, developing new low impact cementitious binders by using various innovative processing and characterization. 

Her PhD project is developing an alternative manufacturing route for producing one-part alkali-activated cements and monitors the influence on the cements produced with them from macro-scale to micro-scale. Her PhD project will make a contribution to resolve existing disadvantages of conventional activator, and have the potential to simplify the production process of these cements, in order to achieve the decarbonization of the construction sector. 

Research interests

  • The use of other solid waste in alkali activation
  • The development of novel manufacturing routes for precursors


  • MSc (Materials Science and Engineering)
  • BSc (Materials Science and Engineering)

Research groups and institutes

  • Materials and Structures