Civil engineer tackles heating for all in brand-new “How to Fix...” podcast

How do we make sure everyone has a warm home? Three more academics from the University, including one from our Faculty, tackle this very important question in the fourth episode of our new podcast.

The “How to Fix…” series, which aims to provide hopeful solutions to the greatest challenges faced by humanity by speaking with scientists and researchers on the front line, continues this week with its fourth episode – featuring Fleur Loveridge, Professor of Geo-Energy Engineering at the School of Civil Engineering.

With winter fast approaching – and, with it, a familiar feeling of dread with the arrival of heating bills – episode four of How to Fix... discusses how we can ensure everyone can stay warm, what support can be provided for those who are struggling, and if we can successfully combine our needs for heating with our aims to decarbonise.

Alongside Professor Loveridge, host and Leeds alum Rich Williams is joined by Lucie Middlemiss, Professor of Environment and Society, and Dan Edmiston, Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Policy. Between them, the quartet discuss the importance of heat for mental and physical health, the need to treat housing as infrastructure, and even the potential of abandoned mines as a source of warmth.

Professor Loveridge said: “The energy transition is one of the most pressing challenges we currently face, but it cannot be tackled in isolation without considering affordability. It was therefore a privilege to be able to collaborate with Lucie and Dan to take a holistic view of the challenges and potential solutions with future heating for everyone.

“Podcasting is a form of media I’ve not participated in before, so it was fascinating to see how the episode was put together as well as engaging in the ideas around the topic.”

The “How to Fix…” series is available to listen to on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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