The future of mobile technology

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the mobile phone, which has come a long way since the first call was made in 1973.

Dr. Des McLernon from the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, has been discussing what we can expect to see from mobile technology in the future.

"Areas of current research include 'green communications' whereby, instead of your phone using the communications tower closest to you, then switching to another as you move around, in future towers will communicate with each other, leading to improved performance and less energy use."

"A lot of work is also going into looking at harvesting energy to change how you recharge your phone. So, you could be out in the middle of nowhere but through the use of energy generated in your shoes whilst walking, you can recharge by plugging the phone into the shoes."

"The technology is being harnessed to make intelligent clothing that will communicate wirelessly with the phone and, we already have the Google augmented reality glasses which use wi-fi and bluetooth technology so that as you are walking around you can see messages from friends on a screen, talk to friend or connect to your tablet or computer. You can be drunk and lost and your glasses will tell you how to get home."