Leeds Professor elected Royal Academy of Engineering Fellow

Professor Ian Hunter, from the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, has been elected as a new Fellow to the Royal Academy of Engineering.

It is joining a list of some of the UK's most accomplished engineers from academia and business.

Professor Hunter is the Radio Design Ltd / Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Microwave Signal Processing in the school, a post he was appointed to in 2012. His long-standing area of research is into the theory and design of microwave filters where work he has done in industry and in academia on both sides of the Atlantic is seen as significant. His book, The Theory and Design of Microwave Filters, is seen as the standard reference work on the subject.

His work has led to new classes of filters for mobile and satellite communications and radar systems. He was appointed to a Professorship at Leeds in 2003 and his recent appointment to the new Research Chair is linked to the establishment of the Centre of Microwave Signal Processing at Leeds. The objective of the centre is to develop innovations in radio frequency technology to meet the voracious demands on bandwidth from future mobile communication systems.

Sir John Parker, President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, said: "We warmly welcome our new Fellows to the Academy. With their expertise, knowledge and vision we will continue to strengthen our ambition of providing authoritative, impartial, and expert engineering advice to government and to develop the Academy's growing impact and influence on a global stage."