Making snowflakes: a very festive day in Robotics

Using some of the most advanced robot building equipment in the UK, engineers at our National Facility for Innovative Robotic Systems created some rather festive snowflakes.

MCS 300 Laser-MicroJet Cutter (Synova)
A sophisticated laser cutter that can precisely cut hard objects, even diamonds! The Synova is unique because the laser beam is focused through a thin, low-pressure water jet. The greatest thing about this machine is that it provides constant cooling, eliminating thermal damage even on sensitive materials.

Objet1000 Multi-Material 3D Printer (Stratasys)
The Stratasys is of the world’s largest multi-material 3D printers that allow users to work with hard and soft materials. It’s most exciting feature is the ability to combine multiple build materials in a single tray, assembly or part.

DMU 40 eVo 5-axis CNC Milling Machine (DMG MORI)
A high precision milling machine that works at miniature scale to create materials such as metals and plastic. This is made possible by its rapid traverse and high speed spindle for faster operation.

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