Countable Nonstandard Models and Cohesive Powers

Rumen Dimitrov, Western Illinois University. Part of the Logic Seminar Series.

In the study of the structure of the lattice L^*(V_infty) of computably enumerable subspaces of V_infty modulo finite dimension, we encountered interesting nonstandard fields.  These fields were used in [1] to characterize the principal filters, in L^*(V_infty), of the equivalence classes of quasimaximal spaces with extendable bases.  Cohesive powers of computable structures were formally introduced in [2] and used in [3] to classify the orbits of such quasimaximal spaces in L^*(V_infty).

In this talk I will prove various model-theoretic properties of cohesive powers.  I will also discuss the connection between Skolem's countable nonstandard model of PA (see [4]) and cohesive powers.  In particular, I will discuss the connection between the proof of Skolem's combinatorial lemma (Satz 1 in [4]) and proofs of the existence of cohesive sets.

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