Stochastic Processes & their Friends

This first edition of the conference celebrates the scientific career of Prof. Alexander Yu. Veretennikov

This special online event is organised by the School of Mathematics, University of Leeds.


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Registration closes at 10pm (Leeds time) on the eve of the conference.


  • Non Markovian epidemic models, law of large numbers and central limit theorems (Etienne Pardoux)
  • Linear filtering with fractional noises:  large time and small noise asymptotics (Marina Kleptsyna) 
  • The support theorem for singular SPDEs (Martin Hairer)
  • Stochastic models for conservation and balance laws (Yana Belopolskaya)
  • Dynamic polymers (Yuri Bakhtin)
  • Nonlinear Fokker-Planck equations with measures as initial data and McKean-Vlasov equations (Michael Röckner)
  • On strong solutions of Itô's equations with a in $W^{1}_{d}$ and b in $L_{d}$ after Veretennikov-Krylov (Nicolai V. Krylov)

Tentative Schedule

 18th March                                                                                                           19th March 

Schedule for the 18th and 19th March


Further Information

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Organising committee: Robert Aykroyd, Miryana Grigorova, George Aivaliotis