Hear Me Out

Join researchers from the University of Leeds who will outline the ways in which technology is being used to advance healthcare and discuss the role it may play in the future.

Hear ye hear ye! People are as unique as their music tastes, and we’re increasingly using bespoke healthcare rather than one-size approaches. How has this led to hearing aid tech being developed to improve the lives of individuals with hearing loss? After the past year, it might feel like people only exist in the virtual world, but could we test new medicines on virtual patients instead of humans?

Ear Trumpets to Machine Learning: Putting the AI into Hearing (Ai)ds

Dr Alinka Greasley (Associate Professor in Music Psychology)

Alinka’s talk will describe the prevalence of hearing loss in society and the consequences of this for the individual, particularly if not diagnosed or addressed promptly. It will describe the development of hearing aid technology to manage hearing loss, from early hearing instruments through to modern digital hearing aids, discussing issues surrounding benefit, uptake, and performance of the hearing aids for speech and music perception.

Am (A)I human? Building Safer and More Effective Medical Devices with Virtual Twins

Professor Alex Frangi (Diamond Jubilee Chair in Computational Medicine)

Clinical trials are needed to evaluate whether medical devices are safe and effective before they can be approved for market. However, many medical devices fail to be approved, because of difficulty in predicting low-frequency side-effects. Alex will be talking about how computational medicine and AI may offer a solution to this. Alex will discuss how in silico trials (computer-based trials performed on populations of virtual patients) could reduce risks to patients by thoroughly testing side-effects and optimising clinical outcomes.

Register for the talk here – https://pintofscience.co.uk/event/hear-me-out