Non-backtracking walks in complex networks and some generalizations

Francesca Arrigo, University of Strathclyde, will be presenting at this event.


Walks around a graph are studied in a wide range of fields, from graph theory and stochastic analysis to theoretical computer science and physics. In many cases it is of interest to focus on non-backtracking
walks; those that do not immediately revisit their previous location. In this talk we describe how to redefine a popular walk-based centrality measure in terms of non-backtracking walks and explore how the universality results on the limiting behaviour of classical walk-based centrality measures extend to this case. We further show how these results change when one wants to downweight, rather than completely eliminate, non-backtracking walks.

This talk is based on joint work with 
Prof. Desmond J. Higham (University of Edinburgh) and 
Prof. Vanni Noferini (Aalto University, Finland).

This event is part of the Leeds Applied Nonlinear Dynamics seminar series.