Breaking Boundaries in STEM

The Breaking Boundaries in STEM events are aimed at inspiring people from diverse groups to undertake careers in STEM, make positive influence to the world, and further their leadership ambition.

For this year's Ada Lovelace Day we have teamed up with Black History Month for a fascinating event focussed on AI and Fairness.

AI has huge potential to create new and exciting futures but it could also be a terrible weapon. Will Society be fairer or more unfair in the future and how can computer scientists help create a fairer world?

The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in AI for Medical Diagnosis and Care is pleased to invite you to join us for a stimulating online discussion on how AI research can create a fairer world. The event is on Wednesday 14 October, 15:00-16:30 and is open to everyone interested in applications and implications of AI, and diversity in research.  You must register in advance on Eventbrite.

Our panellists include inspirational role models from diverse backgrounds, at different career stages and with different lived experiences. The panel will discuss:

  • What we need to do to ensure AI creates a fairer world? We will use a broad range of examples of applications of AI with a focus on Medicine and Health.
  • How can we attract researchers from diverse backgrounds to AI? We will discuss challenges and opportunities based on our experiences.

For more information about the event and to sign up, please follow the Eventbrite link