School of Computing International Alumni Talk

Professional Pathways for computer science graduates – patterns, trends and an example from the U.S.


This is an exciting time to be in Computer Science. Change has been rapid and continues to accelerate. What is it like to work this dynamic and super competitive industry? What are the key skills required for success? What are some of the most exciting technologies right now? An alumni currently working at a top technology company shares his experience and thoughts.


Chuck Chan joined Microsoft in 1989 and worked on networking and Windows NT before leading the development of the first two releases of the industry leading Active Directory in Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Chuck has managed different teams at Microsoft over the years, including the program management team for Windows 7 core operating system, and the development team for Enterprise and Security in Windows 10. He is currently a Vice President responsible for Release, Security and Distribution technologies as part of the Microsoft Azure team.  Chuck received his undergraduate and doctoral degrees in Computer Science from the University of Leeds, England (1984 and 1988 respectively).

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