45th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology – Smart Tribology Systems

Join tribologists and those working in related fields to discuss and assimilate recent advances of tribology and to exchange views and ideas on a broader basis.

We are in an era of ‘data’; collection, management and storage of engineering system data is pivotal to the development of efficient systems. What this means for tribology is that there is an unprecedented demand, across engineering sectors (e.g. automotive, aerospace, mechanical), for real-time information on system performance. With such information the operation of many components can be adaptive, responsive and truly ‘smart’. In this Leeds-Lyon Symposium we will capture the exciting developments which cut across many tribological areas to create smart tribological systems. Offerings of original research are requested in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  • Sensors and sensing approaches
  • Real-time measurement of surfaces/funds
  • Data capture and processing in tribology
  • Responsive/adaptive surfaces/interfaces
  • Modelling of adaptive and responsive systems

Further information

For full details on the 45th Leeds-Lyon Symposium including abstract submission instructions, key dates, invited speakers and how to register please visit the Leeds-Lyon website.

The conference will be held at Leeds Trinity University, Leeds, UK. Details about the venue and location are available on the Leeds Trinity website. Please note that the shuttle bus service details stated on their website are not valid for the symposium as the event takes place out of term time.