Robotics at Leeds seminar series: New opportunities - Manufacturing for robotics

We are pleased to announce the start of the Robotics at Leeds seminar series, starting with 'New opportunities - Manufacturing for robotics'.

Come along to the first seminar, which will be led by Professor Russell Harris from the School of Mechanical Engineering. It will take place on 6 September at 1:00 pm in Electrical Engineering SR 3.52.

Professor Harris has been researching new manufacturing processes for 20 years. In this talk he will discuss; his background and how this has influenced his research ideology and forward vision. He will describe some of his current funding in Robotics and where he believes there may be new opportunities for collaborative research in Robotics at Leeds.

Professor Harris

Professor Russell Harris, University of Leeds, has been researching manufacturing processes since 1997, primarily in academia, but also with significant links to industry. He has been recognised by the award of three annual IMechE prizes for his research spanning different manufacturing processes and different materials, and by the award of the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for High Value Manufacturing in 2013. His work has been predominantly funded by the EPSRC and EU programmes, alongside industry funding. He has over 100 research papers in manufacturing. 

Further information

The seminars, coordinated by Dr Mehmet Dogar and Dr Matteo Leonetti from the School of Computing, will include inspiring local and international speakers.

Each seminar be on the first Wednesday of every month unless advertised otherwise. They will take place between 1:00 and 2:00 pm either at LT B (Mech Eng) or Rhodes LT (Elec Eng), and will be followed by catered food.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss the series, please e-mail Dr Dogar or Dr Leonetti.