School of Computing Research Colloquia

Dr Sabine Hauert will deliver a talk titled 'From swarms of flying robots to nanoparticles for cancer treatment' at the University of Leeds.

Swarm engineering allows us to design self-organised robotic systems that work in large number and at small scales. Swarm strategies are either inspired from nature or are automatically discovered in simulation using machine learning and crowd sourcing. Demonstrated appliucations include the deployment of swarms of flying robots to create outdoor communication networks, or the design of nanosystems for biomedical applications.

Current work focusses on the design of cooperative nanoparticles for cancer applications in simulation and under the microscope on tissue-on-a-chip devices, as well as the design of strategies for our 1000 coin-sized robotis at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. In the future we aim to use swarm engineering to reverse engineer natural swarm behaviours, further providing inspiration for our robotic systems.

For more information, and for details about Dr Hauert's research, visit HAUERT LAB.