School of Computing Research Colloquia

Using the Powerwall for teaching histopathology

Rebecca Randell Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine

Histopathologists diagnose cancer and other diseases by using a microscope to examine glass slides containing sections of tissue. Technological advances mean that it is possible to completely digitise such slides so that they can be viewed on a computer screen.As part of a collaboration between the School of Computing, Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, we have been exploring what happens when digital slides are rendered onto a high-resolution wall-sized display for the purpose of teaching histopathology.

I will describe two evaluations that we have undertaken in two different contexts: slide seminars within the Histopathology Department at St. James's Hospital and undergraduate seminars at the University of Leeds School of Medicine. In my presentation I will talk about the way in which use of the Powerwall impacted collaboration in these two contexts, as well as reflecting on what we have learnt from the experience about how to evaluate such technologies.