School of Computing Research Colloquia

Tracking & Event Analysis: A Robot's First Steps

Aryana Tavanai, Artificial Intelligence Group, School of Computing

Abstract: A person is given the task of setting up a dinner table. Which objects are required? How are they moved to the table? What is the layout they should be placed? For a person the answers to the above questions come naturally. However, for a robot it is challenging to learn and accomplish the above tasks. This is due to it being required to (i) locate the person and objects in the scene, (ii) understand how the person is interacting with the objects and (iii) be able to construct a general pattern for a complex task based on the previous information.

In this talk, I will present approaches from the fields of tracking and event analysis that overcome the above challenges. Moreover, I will illustrate that by using spatial consistency, tracking and event analysis can be jointly performed where they mutually influence and improve each other.