Controlling of complex nonlinear networks: A trade-off between time and energy

Yongzheng Sun, China University of Mining and Technology, and Fudan University. Part of the applied mathematics Leeds applied nonlinear dynamics seminars series.

Recent years have witnessed a growth of interest in controlling complex networks. Controlling complex nonlinear networks is largely an unsolved problem at the present. Existing works focus either on open-loop control strategies and their energy consumptions or on closed-loop control schemes with an infinite-time duration. In this talk, I will discuss the controlling of complex nonlinear networks. We articulate a finite-time, closed-loop controller with an eye toward the physical and mathematical underpinnings of the trade-off between the control time and energy as well as their dependence on the network parameters and structure. The closed-loop controller is tested on a large number of real systems including stem cell differentiation, food webs, random ecosystems, and spiking neuronal networks.