BPS Skyrme and vector mesons, a (numerical) demanding relationship

Dr Carlos Naya-Rodriguez, Durham University

The Skyrme model is a low energy effective field theory of QCD where pions are the fundamental degrees of freedom whereas baryons appear as their collective excitations. In this talk, we will focus on the coupling of the Skyrme field to other hadrons (concretely vector mesons), especially on the model proposed by Prof. Paul Sutcliffe where a BPS bound (a lower topological bound on the energy) is fulfilled if an infinite tower of vector mesons is included. Due to the complexity of the energy functional, this is a highly demanding numerical problem and even for one vector meson exact solutions for light nuclei besides the baryon number one had not been found so far. Here, the first exact results when the first vector meson is included are presented. They are in consonance with previous calculations by using the instanton approximation and where with just the first vector meson added the energy  considerably decreased close to the BPS bound.