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Elizabeth Liu

Elizabeth is a final year student studying BEng in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and shares her experience studying at Leeds. Elizabeth is from Singapore and is one of the University of Leeds’ Link to Leeds ambassador. 

Undergraduate life at Leeds

Elizabeth completed her A-Levels at Saint Andrew’s Junior College in Singapore before starting her first year of University at Queen’s University Belfast. She later joined the University of Leeds as a direct Year 2 entry student, taking up a BEng degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

“I first heard about Leeds when I searched for Top UK universities for Electronic and Electrical Engineering and realised that the University of Leeds had been continuously within the top 10 universities in numerous rankings for the past few years. Additionally, the University of Leeds has achieved a Gold rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which reassured me that the education that I am receiving would be top-notched.

...University of Leeds had been continuously within the Top 10 universities for Electronic and Electrical Engineering in numerous rankings for the past few years.

Since I am a direct entry student, my university life began online. To be honest, I thought I would find it difficult to learn much online, however, it has been a positive experience, and the school (Electronic and Electrical Engineering) have been providing useful resources which have undoubtedly smoothen my transition to online learning.

I have been doing most of my activities online, even laboratory simulations. For each module, we are provided with recorded screencasts, live tutorial, one-to-one tutorials with the lecturers as well as a discussion board for students to ask questions. I must admit that I avoided asking questions at first as I was afraid that my problems would be too trivial. However, after I had decided to give it a go, I found myself being able to understand the concepts much better. Furthermore, learning online has greatly improved my time-management skills, which I had previously struggled with.

The best thing about studying my course has been the sense of satisfaction that I get whenever I solve a problem. From understanding the reasoning behind why the outputs look a specific way to being able to debug my codes, any small ‘achievements’ could make my day, especially when I am a visual and a hands-on learner.”

The best thing about studying my course has been the sense of satisfaction that I get whenever I solve a problem.

Enrichment opportunities

“The university has been providing us with various student support such as MyCareers, where they offer assistance for review CVs as well as organising mock interviews for students to prepare for placement or summer internship interviews. There are also opportunities for students to go to summer schools or a study abroad programme

Outside of my studies, I spend most of my time hanging out with my friends. But of course, there would be days that I would wrap myself up with my blankets to catch up on some shows, experimenting with a new recipe I chanced upon online or simply just exploring around!”

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