Michael Guess

Michael J. Guess

After graduating from Leeds in 2008, I completed a PhD within the School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering.  During this time I became involved with industry-academia collaborations that helped me bridge the gap between academic study and practical engineering. This led to an industry placement with Radio Design Ltd. - with whom Leeds has many personal links.

My initial role was the research and commercialisation of technology used in cellular mobile networks. This proved highly successful and led me to a full-time position at Radio Design upon completion of my placement. Since then, I have pursued Chartered Engineer registration and been actively involved in an on-going Royal Academy of Engineering / University of Leeds research programme, run in collaboration with Radio Design Ltd. This programme is currently yielding great dividends and is an excellent example of how the contacts made and experience gained whilst at Leeds has led to commercial and professional success.

My day-to-day work often draws upon the specialist skills taught during my time at Leeds in the detailed design and specification of highly technical components and products. The research-driven course material, delivered by international experts in their fields, provided me with both the ability and confidence necessary to thrive in a demanding role. The breadth and quality of study options available, combined with the renowned reputation of the School and the University, made Leeds an obvious choice. 

In addition to technical competency, the challenging content of the taught modules gave me valuable experience in managing and prioritising my workload as well as working and interacting with a variety of talented people. Indeed, the diverse mix of nationalities and backgrounds of fellow students and academic staff made for a fascinating experience and provided me with a wealth of social and professional contacts.

I would thoroughly recommend the course and University to any prospective student. Leeds provides an enormous source of personal and academic opportunity, with the people, organisation and experience to support a student in achieving their potential and to become a valuable contributor to society.