Year four

Year four project work

In your fourth year (MEng), you’ll carry out a substantial research or development-type project. These projects are normally based in one of the School’s research groups. Available topics will typically include:

  • embedded systems
  • power electronics
  • electronic control systems
  • communications systems
  • signal processing
  • microwave electronics
  • semiconductor electronics
  • optoelectronics
  • quantum electronics
  • nanotechnology.

While using the knowledge and skills obtained in previous years of study, you’ll also gain experience of: investigating a problem; using available resources to develop a solution; using technical literature; and project management skills including: time planning, managing risk and identifying realistic options.

Examples of some recent projects include:

  • autonomous search-and-rescue robot
  • 4G mobile system simulation
  • aviation flight tracking receiver
  • quadrocopter surveillance drone
  • smart-phone-controlled vivarium for exotic animals
  • digital image processing
  • power electronics for renewable energy systems
  • wearable health monitoring (wireless enabled 'e-health')
  • underground radio propagation.