Dr Andrew Sleigh

Dr Andrew Sleigh


He has worked on a wide range of numerical modelling and solution techniques for engineering problems. In particular he has developed multigrid acceleration techniques for incompressible flow solutions and Riemann solver based programs for rapidly changing open channel flows with complex topography. This latter work forms one of his main lines of current research. Other major research interests are in the area of computational modelling of waste water treatment systems including fluidised bed biofilm-reactors


  • Director of Student Education

Research interests

Development of accurate and reliable techniques for prediction of flows in rivers and estuaries. This work is based on a two dimensional modelling of the river/estuary using automatically adaptive unstructured grids and state-of-the-art numerical solution techniques including, discretisation on unstructured triangular meshes with a Riemann solver to ensure highly accurate resolution of steep gradients and shocks. EC concerted action on Dam-Break Modelling - CADAM This project is initially for two years with the principal focus being a series of expert meetings and workshops. The aim is to identify and consider the state-of-the-art in knowledge and technology available for dam-break modelling and practice throughout the EU. Accurate flood predictions. This project involves an investigation into the improvement of flood-warning systems by decreasing the flood-warning response time. The aim is to integrate the automatic recording of flow and stage data on rivers with existing hydraulic modelling software by network links via the Internet. Transport models on unstructured grids. A project working in parallel with the above is the development of suitable transport models for use in unstructured grid based models. The transport may include soluble/suspended, reacting/inert pollutants or sediment. The quantification and transport of turbulence is also being addressed. The application of CFD to biological wastewater treatment processes.

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Student education

He is the coordinator for the maths teaching in the School - from level 1 to level 3. He also teaches on levels 1 and 2 fluid mechanics courses. 

Research groups and institutes

  • Water, Public Health and Environmental Engineering

Current postgraduate researchers

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