Paul R Howlett

Paul R Howlett


I am a Chareterd Geologist with a specialism in hydrogeology. I have 11 years experience working at for the Environment Agency in the UK, and a further 4 years experience in engineering/environmental consultancy. 

My research at the University of Leeds is undertaken part time, alongside my role as Head of Environment (UK) for Strabag, a global tier 1 construction company. I act as Environmental Manager on the North Yorkshire Polyhalite Project, a 37 km tunnelling operation. 

I have batchelor’s degrees in Physics (University of Nottingham) and Geoscience (The Open University). 

Research interests

My research subject is coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical (THMC) modelling of geomaterials with specific reference to tunnel and underground spaces. 

I am also currently co-editing a volume for the Geological Society on the Hydrogeology of the Chalk Aquifers of Northern Europe.