Sulaiman Abdullah


 I am a curious person who is always motivated to explore how things work around me and the theory behind it. I have been fascinated by mechanical and electrical projects. If you want to motivate me, you need to challenge me. 
I got my BSc degree in mechanical engineering from Kuwait University in 2009. After my graduation, I worked in the ministry of water and electricity before switching to the Kuwait oil company (KOC) as a drilling engineer.
I received a scholarship from Kuwait University for a master program in mechanical engineering. After finishing the MSc program, I received another scholarship from KOC for a PhD program in civil/environmental engineering. By that time, I had ten years of experience in the oil field and I  participated in many conferences with 4 published conference papers. 
Besides all of that, I love DIY project, 3D printing, circuit design and CNC projects. I participated in the National Robotic Competition in 2014 and got 1st place. 

Research interests

My researches interest are about the transfer of mixture fluids in deformable porous media. My concentration is developing mixture coupling theory and employing it to capture the carbon capture and storage process. 


  • BSc in mechanical engineering, Kuwait University, College of Engineering & Petroleum
  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering, , Kuwait University, College of Engineering & Petroleum