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Informal settlement in South Africa

Research carried out in the School of Civil Engineering has been recognised in the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021.

Diagram explaining the 'scan to damage assessment' prpcess

Researchers have developed algorithms capable of automatically generating the geometric digital twins of existing masonry structures for documentation and assessment of their structural capacity.

Building Engineering Services Association logo

Professor Cath Noakes has provided the foreward for the Building Engineering Services Association's (BESA) ‘safe havens’ blueprint guide for indoor air quality.

A simulated image of a airborne microbe, such as Covid-19.

A new type of ultraviolet light can efficiently kill airborne microbes, such as those which cause COVID-19, a study has found after successful trials.

A photography of the Adam Neville Prize 2021 award winner, Deema Abu-Salma, a PhD student from Imperial College London, with her award.

The Adam Neville Prize 2021 has been awarded for best PhD in the field of cement and concrete.