Killian Walsh, Advanced Concrete Technology MSc

Killian Walsh

Why did you chose to study the Advanced Concrete Technology MSc?

After my first year working as a graduate, I wanted an additional qualification which would set me apart from other engineers at the same stage as me. The Advanced Concrete Technology MSc looked like the best technical distance learning course in the broad area of structural engineering. The fact that it is accredited by the Institute of Concrete Technology was also a big plus.

What has been the best aspect of studying this course and why?

Most of the exercises were very challenging and thought-provoking which meant a relatively detailed knowledge of the question topic was required. I am quite confident however that if I don't already know the answer to a technical query, I will be able to find out.

What projects are involved in outside of the course?

The most interesting project I have been involved in recently is the repair of an RC fish market right alongside a port in Northern Ireland. We were responsible for choosing the repair methods and products for the severely corroded column and beams. It was a very practical application of the course topics.

Another area was for the design of very large machine foundations (30m x 13m x 1m deep). One of the main issues that had to be investigated was possibility of cracking as there were no expansion joints.  

Tell us about your ideas for your research project.

I want to carry out research which will be used by those involved in the industry, so I have gotten in touch with two organisations interested in collaborating on joint research projects. My main area of interest is in concrete repairs so I plan to carry out my research on either the repairs and structural health monitoring of road bridges or else monitoring the effects of cathodic protection on both buildings and infrastructure.

What would you say to students coming to do the same course?

The course is very challenging, especially in the first year, but it is an excellent base for anyone considering furthering their knowledge of concrete technology.