Professor Barry Clarke

Geotechnical engineering is about dealing with uncertainty though risk assessment underpinned by scientific knowledge.  This is the basis of my experience of geotechnical engineering which has covered fundamental research, ground investigation, forensic studies, design of geotechnical structures and setting strategy.  While based in the UK, I have had the opportunity to work internationally and engage with senior geotechnical engineers on a diverse range of projects.  It is this experience that enables me to bring alive the excitement of geotechnical engineering yet help develop an understanding of the behaviour of the ground. 

My passion for geotechnical engineering has led to numerous papers and two books. Understanding how the ground behaves is fundamentally important to any civil engineer but being able to apply that understanding is the role of the geotechnical engineer.  That understanding is gained through a range of learning experiences including field work, numerical studies experiments and forensic analysis.  Providing a stimulating experience for students and reacting to their areas of concern is my philosophy.  It makes for interesting lectures which challenge students in a constructive manner that is fun.

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