Professor Barbara Evans

I am a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) development specialist with nearly 30 years' experience in project and programme planning, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. I have been fortunate to enjoy a very varied and interesting career, holding senior positions with the Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank and running my own private consultancy business as well as teaching and researching. I spent ten years based in South Asia, in Pakistan and India and have also worked extensively in Africa, East Asia and Latin America.

I am passionate about achieving universal access to water supply and sanitation and the focus of my research is on the development of tools, technologies and approaches which can deliver sustained services to the most vulnerable people in cities, towns and rural areas. A substantive part of my work focuses on urban sanitation and on the management and reuse of fecal sludge and wastewater. 

I work closely with a number of governments and international agencies including UNICEF, Plan International, Practical Action, SNV, the World Bank, the World Health Organisation, the African Ministers Council on Water, the African Development Bank, BRAC and NGO-Forum (Bangladesh), and CSE in India. I have also worked closely with several funding agencies including, GIZ, DFID, AusAid/DFAT, USAid, SIDA, Danida and DGIS. 

Higher academic studies have a value and power which cannot be underestimated. Your Masters studies provide an opportunity to develop and broaden your professional career and build new concepts about water, sanitation and health . The WASH MSc programme brings together students from many countries and a wide range of backgrounds and we have designed the program in such a way that students jointly use their experience to explore innovations and develop new ideas. MSC projects are a highlight and I look forward to learning and solving new problems with students each year.

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