Dr Emilio Garcia-Taengua

The grandeur of transport infrastructure has always fascinated me since I was a child, and is the main reason why I decided to be an engineer. In my home country, Spain, I studied Civil and Structural Engineering, obtained my MEng in Structural Engineering, did an MSc in Applied Statistics and got my PhD in Concrete Science and Technology. After that, I worked as a researcher in Spain, the UK and Ireland before coming to Leeds, where I am now a Lecturer in Structures. Always in close collaboration with designers, concrete manufacturers and construction companies from different countries, I have specialised in structural concrete and concrete structures. I am an active member of international organisations such as the American Concrete Institute or RILEM, and a chartered engineer, and my work has always been driven by its potential applications. ‘How does my work contribute to the quality of infrastructure being designed, built, or repaired?’ is the question I ask myself every day, and that’s the main message I try to communicate to my students.

Because society needs more engineers that think big. In my view, the practice of engineering in the construction and infrastructure sector is a continuous struggle between the necessary specialisation of the individual and the excessive compartmentalisation of the profession. To me, the beauty and the value of being a civil/structural/transport engineer resides in conflating all these dimensions together, and that is precisely the principle that inspires this programme.

I am passionate about teaching, and when it comes to supervising students and working with them, I enjoy every minute of it. Throughout my career I have taught maths, physics, structural analysis, design, statistics, construction materials, bridge engineering, and I have come to two conclusions. The first is that students are the reason why University exists, and therefore they are my top priority. The second is that conceptual design, an understanding of how things can be built and how this can be fed back into design are the most difficult aspects to teach, but the most important ones. And that is the vision and the challenge that I share with the students of this programme.

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