Dr Dani Barrington

I use interactive methods to understand people’s experiences with drinking water, toilets, menstrual health and hygiene, and rubbish management. My participatory research and teaching focuses on ensuring that everyone has access to the water, sanitation and hygiene services that they want to use, regardless of their income or the country they call home. I also believe that there is more to well-being than economic development, and that although technology and products play a crucial role, they alone cannot solve all of our water, sanitation and hygiene challenges.

As well as being a Lecturer in Water, Sanitation and Health at University of Leeds, I am an Honorary Fellow in the School of Public Health at University of Queensland, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Humanitarian Engineering (published by EWB Australia) and an Editorial Board member for Waterlines (published by Practical Action). I have worked as a practitioner and researcher in several countries, most notably in the South Pacific and South Asia. In my undergraduate days, I was one of the founding members of the University of Western Australia Pantomime Society, where I honed my skill of engaging with audiences on taboo matters, particularly through making a fool of myself on stage.

The MSc WASH Engineering Programme trains students in how to consider WASH as an interdisciplinary issue where technology intersects with policy, the environment, culture and human behaviour. Every year we have a cohort of students from many countries, who share their personal and professional experiences with the class, in turn deepening everyone’s understanding of WASH as a global issue.

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To find out more about my research activities, the students I am supervising and some of my recent publications, visit my staff page.

If you have any specific questions about the content of the programme, please contact me via e-mail: d.j.barrington@leeds.ac.uk.

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