Natural Sciences 2023/24

Environmental Science

Researchers doing field work

The environment affects us all – from the complex local interactions between communities and landscapes, to major global issues such as pollution and climate. As the effects of global environmental changes become clearer across the world, demand for graduates with knowledge of these issues continues to grow. Environmental science encompasses the Earth's physical and chemical processes and the interaction between different aspects of the environment.

Combinations available:

  • environmental science, biology, biochemistry;
  • environmental science, biology, chemistry;
  • environmental science, biology, mathematics;
  • environmental science, biochemistry, chemistry;
  • environmental science, biochemistry, mathematics;
  • environmental science, chemistry, mathematics;
  • environmental science, mathematics, physics.

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Our student Larisa-Adriana Darolti tells us about her experience studying Natural Sciences at the University of Leeds. She did Mathematics, Environmental Science and Chemistry.  

Examples in science

Environmental science, chemistry, mathematics.

Science of the atmosphere

The science of the atmosphere controls our everyday lives to such a huge extent that we need to understand the reactions that take place in the atmosphere as well as how species in the atmosphere move and interact. Atmospheric scientists also study other worlds, designing models and experiments to study the atmospheres on extra-terrestrial planets and their moons.