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Qais Ali

Qais is studying Chemistry and Mathematics at the University of Leeds. He chose to study at Leeds because the course provided him with the flexibility and freedom to choose his modules. 

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Qais added, “I decided to study at the University of Leeds because of the range of course choices available. For my specific course when I was looking around, Leeds was one of few universities that offered the course. In addition to this, Leeds is a campus university which is great as you don’t have to walk very far to get from opposite sides of campus. Another benefit of Leeds is that there’s a vast amount of student support and activities available to students, such as taking part in societies and support from Leeds University Union.

Leeds as a city is amazing as all parts of Leeds feel like a different city as the vibe is different in all areas of Leeds. The city centre is a 5 minutes walk from the university and is ideal to enjoy time away from studying. Leeds is also home to various parks such as Roundhay Park, Meanwood Valley and Hyde Park which are amazing for Summer days. As Leeds isn’t as big of a city as you’d expect it is very easy to navigate around without feeling lost and overwhelmed.”

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