Milla Rytkonen, school of chemistry, link to leeds ambassador

Milla Rytkonen

Milla Rytkonen is a final year student studying Chemistry MChem, BSc. She is from Finland and is one of the University of Leeds’ Link to Leeds ambassador.

Undergraduate life at Leeds

After finishing her International Baccalaureate (IB) programme in Finland in 2015, Milla knew she wanted to continue her studies abroad. She wanted to study in a diverse study environment and a highly ranked academic course, so when it came to applying to study in the UK, choosing the University of Leeds was an easy option for Milla, due to the excellent reputation and the student-friendly city environment.

Milla said, “I chose to study the integrated masters degree in Chemistry (MChem), as the future possibilities arising from a science degree are endless. Now, as a final year student, I feel like I can go into multiple industries with the academic and practical skills I have gained throughout my degree in Leeds. The high-quality teaching laboratories for undergraduates allow the application of theoretical knowledge into practical experiments. Moreover, the final year masters project provides an opportunity for creative thinking and the access to excellent research laboratories. The academically challenging courses are led by highly educated approachable staff members who are willing to guide you throughout your degree.”

Milla Rytkonen, school of chemistry, link to leeds ambassador

The high-quality teaching laboratories for undergraduates allow the application of theoretical knowledge into practical experiments.

“Over my time in Leeds, I was able to discover my own passion in physical chemistry, which incorporates a lot of mathematics and quantum mechanics into chemistry related topics. Currently, I am working on my masters research project in the area of atmospheric chemistry, which has been a great opportunity for me to step outside my comfort zone and work with reputable academic staff members. Hence, I am eager to see in what direction my degree will take me in the future.”

Link to Leeds ambassador

Alongside her studies, Milla is also a Link to Leeds ambassador. As a Link to Leeds ambassador, Milla is able to share her experience to prospective students and help answer any questions they may have about student life at Leeds. She added, “Being part of the international welcome team and organising the weekly Global Café event at the Leeds University Union (LUU) have given me the opportunity to meet fellow international students and share my university experiences with them.”

Being part of the international welcome team have given me the opportunity to meet fellow international students and share my university experiences with them.

Living in Leeds

Leeds city, Leeds trinity shopping centre

“Overall, Leeds is a very eventful and vibrant student city. The city is known for its infamous student club nights out, but alternatively the Trinity shopping centre can offer a chilled cinema and shopping evening as well. I love the city as it is not too overwhelmingly big, but it is also not too small. Moreover, nearby places like Manchester and Bradford offer good food and nice shisha places when you feel like relaxing.”