oliver bramley

Oliver Bramley

Oliver Bramley is a Natural Sciences student. He did Chemistry, Mathematics and Biochemistry. He chose Natural Sciences because the programme gave him the opportunity to try three different subjects at degree level.

Be open to having your preconceptions challenged

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Living in Leeds

Leeds is a great city to live in as a student. There is an excellent night life and lots of different and interesting places to eat and drink, but it’s also really easy to get out of the city into the countryside.

The Future

Oliver plans to complete a Masters degree at the University of Oxford before returning to Leeds to complete a PhD in Computational Chemistry. During his time studying at Leeds, Oliver has learnt to work independently. The broad nature of Natural Sciences means self-motivation has been integral to completing work on time and to a good quality. 

I have learnt how to solve a variety of problems in different ways event if they are quite abstract.

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