Sannia Farooque studied MChem, BSc Chemistry at the University of Leeds

Sannia Farooque

Why did you choose to study chemistry? 

Chemistry is at the heart of modern science, and so opens up doors to a vast number of opportunities.

What attracted you to the University of Leeds?

The quality and versatility of research here at Leeds. I was also taken in by equal opportunities and generous scholarships.

Which aspect of chemistry do you find the most interesting? 

The world of chemistry is so beautiful that it never stops to amaze me. I have developed a keen interest in computer modelling which can be used to design organic synthesis.

You won the Adult Learner Award, can you tell me a bit about the award and what it means?

This award acknowledges the hard work of mature students who are doing a degree on top of maintaining their family and/or work life. It is a competitive award, and I feel so honoured for being awarded it.

Do you find it difficult to manage your time effectively between your course and family life?

It can be hard at times especially as I progress through this degree. However, everything worth having is worth working hard for.

You have also been awarded the Research and Leadership Scholarship, could you tell me about this opportunity?

This scholarship enables the scholar to undertake two research projects in consecutive summers.

But that’s not it. It offers so many other exciting opportunities ranging from volunteering at The House of Lords to getting involved in science festivals and school outreach activities.

You are also given leadership trainings which will be invaluable when I am applying for jobs. 

What research were you able to undertake with your scholarship?

I did a project on the extraction of natural products and their uses last year. However, I am planning on doing a project in computer modelling this summer.

What would you say to anyone thinking of applying to your course?

If you like chemistry and want higher probability of getting a job at the end of your degree, then chemistry is the degree for you.