Man Pang Tang studies MChem, BSc Chemistry at the University of Leeds

Man Pang Tang

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

It's a single campus university which is close to the city, which was really appealing for me. The structure of my course looked good too.

Why did you choose to study chemistry?

I love Chemistry and knew I wanted to study it. I chose this particular course as I really wanted to be able to go and do a placement year, which I could.

What do you like the most about your course?

It's such a flexible course and you can decide on certain aspects when you are here and have got a better understanding, which is less pressure than having to decide everything before you enrol. You can choose when you get here if you want to do a study abroad or an industrial placement year.

What skills have you gained from your course so far?

My interpersonal skills have been improved, particularly my communication skills. My practical skills have also been improved which will be good when I graduate.

What were you most worried about before arriving at university?

I was worried about adapting to university life, but I did really quickly so it was fine.

What do you like the most about being a student so far?

It's great having free time outsides of lectures and tutorials, it allows me to explore my interests, get on top of all my workload and socialise too.

Is there anything which particularly surprised you about being a student?

The freedom! It's up to you how you manage your time and make your decisions.

What do you plan to do at the end of your course?

I want to go into a research and development role in the pharmaceutical industry.

What do you do outside of your studies?

I volunteer and I'm a member of the Singaporean Society and ChemSoc, so there are lots of activities and events going on through those.