Lucy Holliday studied MNatSc Natural Sciences at the University of Leeds

Lucy Holliday

Why did you choose to study Natural Sciences?

I chose this course because I studied biology, chemistry and maths at A-Llevel and couldn't choose my favourite to study as a degree!

Choosing an interdisciplinary degree allowed me to make the decision much later, and I knew from researching careers that having an interdisciplinary background was very desirable to many employers, so it was a win-win for me!

Why did you choose the University of Leeds?

After coming to the Open Day I realised I was comparing every other university I saw to Leeds. That's when I knew I had made the right choice.

The uni is part of the Russell Group, the facilities are excellent, the academic staff are beyond helpful and the course itself ticked all the boxes in that the subject choices are so flexible and you have the option to study for a year abroad or do a year in industry if you want to.

It's literally a build-your-own-science-degree.

Also, the city of Leeds itself is fantastic - great nightlife, nice student living area, everything you need in walking distance and it's also really easy to find a part time job.

What have you enjoyed most about your course?

Especially as I get into the later years of my degree, I've released how essential and useful it has been to have studied a wider range of scientific topics in first year.

For example, I studied biology, chemistry and biochemistry in year 1, and now I am completing my project in biochemistry, but go back to my chemistry notes quite often!

In my third year I was elected as President of Natural Sciences Society. Running the society with the rest of the committee was so fun and definitely one of my university highlights... plus it looks great on my CV!

What is an average day for you here at Leeds?

Now I'm in fourth year my timetable is very relaxed as I have fewer lectures and more lab time (which is great!).

I normally get into the lab around 9am and set up my reactions for the day. Some days I'll nip out of the lab to go to my lectures and others I'll head over to one of the libraries (Edward Boyle is my favourite!) and do some research into my topic.

I'll grab lunch with my Natural Science friends, and we'll argue over who's project is the most interesting (mine)... and then I'll go back to the lab for the rest of the afternoon to finish off my lab work for the day.