Charlotte Furze studied MChem, BSc Chemistry at the University of Leeds

Charlotte Furze

Why did you choose to study chemistry?

I chose to study chemistry because I was fascinated by how and why processes take place and wanted to study them in more detail. I really enjoyed chemistry at A-Level and was keen to explore the subject at university.

What attracted you to the University of Leeds?

What mainly attracted me to study chemistry at Leeds was the course structure. I found the programme catalogue on the website particularly informative as it described the modules I would be taking in detail. 

I grew up near Leeds, so I knew how much the city had to offer and could see that living and studying here as a student would be a fantastic experience.

In addition, I liked the fact that Leeds is a campus university and yet also close to the city centre so you get the best of both worlds. 

Did you visit us on an open day? Did you find the open day helpful in making your decision?

When I visited Leeds, I found that the staff and students were very friendly and answered the many questions I had about chemistry and university life. I also really enjoyed exploring the campus and was impressed by the outstanding Students' Union and university accommodation.

What do you enjoy the most about your course?

I enjoy the fact that the course covers all areas of chemistry equally, so you can truly appreciate all the different aspects of the subject.

The lecturers really bring the topics to life, from using ten pin bowling to help you remember organic chemistry concepts, to using the death of John Lennon to explain Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle.

They are very supportive and always keen to help with any parts of the course you’re struggling with.

How would you describe student life at Leeds?

Fantastic! I’ve really enjoyed my university experience so far and I look forward to the next two years of studying here. 

What is Leeds as a city like?

The city has a vibrant night life and there are many clubs and bars that every student should visit during their time here. It’s also a fantastic place for shopping with a very lively atmosphere in the city centre.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of applying to the School of Chemistry?

If you enjoy problem solving and are keen to discover more about chemistry than you ever thought was possible, then this course is definitely the one for you! 

What are your plans for the future?

In the future I hope to study for a PhD in chemistry or take a PGCE course to become a teacher.