Abbie Leggott
MChem, BSc Chemistry

Abbie Leggott

Why did you choose to study Chemistry?

I chose to study chemistry because I found the subject fascinating. From the beginning of my A levels, I enjoyed learning about it. I felt like I understood it much easier than my other subjects and this was a contributing factor that led me to my decision. I knew that whatever degree I did, I wanted a challenge and the potential for a good job afterwards and a chemistry degree definitely provides both of these opportunities. 

It is definitely one of the best decisions of my life!

What attracted you to the University of Leeds? 

Being a Russell Group University with excellent chemistry facilities, Leeds was an obvious choice. It was closer to home than I originally planned, however I loved how the University had a campus-city feel and everyone was warm and welcoming. It definitely felt like the right university for me. 

Did you visit us on an open day? Did you find that experience helpful in making your decision?

The first time I visited Leeds was on the interview day. I fell in love with the University straight away. The students that ran my tour were very helpful and gave me lots of useful information. My interviewer was very friendly. All in all, the day made my decision a lot easier.

Has your course lived up to your expectations so far?

The course is definitely challenging, but I love it! I feel that I am definitely becoming a better chemist and am learning new skills which I am certain will help me now and in the future. I wanted a degree that was interesting and stimulating, and that is definitely what I got. 

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoy synthesising molecules in labs and actually applying the Chemistry that I have learnt in lectures. It definitely makes the course a lot more satisfying knowing I can actually do experiments related to the theory I have been taught. 

I find organic chemistry the most interesting. The lecturers are clearly enthusiastic about it and they have definitely made me love it even more. I love how all the fundamental aspects can be used in drug synthesis to create molecules that can cure a variety of diseases.

How would you describe student life at Leeds?

There is always something to do! We have over 200 societies at Leeds which encompass a broad spectrum of interests. This means there is always an event running that you will like. Living in halls was also great! Everyone was so friendly and it was easy to make a huge variety of friends. 

Have you joined any clubs and societies on campus? 

I am a member of Leeds RAG, the biggest volunteering society at our university. I am planning on doing the Leeds Jailbreak next year and help fundraise for MS Trust. 

Do you have an idea of what you might like to do at the end of your course?

I am currently considering pharmaceutical research. I want to have a job where I can apply the chemistry that I have learnt and the skills that I have developed during my degree. However, I am also looking to do a PhD which will be a greater way to enhance my skills, improve employability and allow me to continue studying a subject which I love.